Tsuwano, Shimane

Shrine entranceWalking to shrineLittle parkColor change in the leavesLovely lanternsEntrance to the shrineLuke in red, in red.. uhThere are 1000+ tori gates…70, 71,72,Pretty cool tunnelTammie in red, in red… HmmmStair way up.. see the tori to the left down and right up?Pretty cool!Little timeThe first doorLovelyBeautiful detaillovely lanternsLampswow..Looking outLooking down the stairsThe start gateUmbrella in reliefnear the entrance, exitBridge over waterCool manhole covers in japanHuge dragon koiChurch to St. XavierInside the church, no pews & stained glassCool trees near old samurai housesamurai houseHeron symbolmerchant row with mountains in the backgroundTHis sign caught tammie’s eye….Sake barrelssake on displaya cool house in townMayor of MasudaGreen teaBuddhist gardenRocks have names...Koto playing at the templehand paintedamazing old printsTiger with big eyesBuddhist bell and wood knockLuke playing with firePretty bridgeA good day!dinner!Play startsDemon - check out that capewow 10-12kg a costumeDemon vs Godserpent showsMulti-headed serpentAll twisty!lots of people on stagetwo headsTwisty.. I can see 6 headsHeads twistedBattledragoon headTammie inside!Wearing the costume. BeautifulHeavy!Nice.. like a priestestTammie, luke, actorHere, wear this...Three heads!

Nov .1.  I was under the weather but Tammie and Luke were able to go on a bus tour to Tsuwano.  Which is located on the other side of the prefecture from us.  On the Japan Sea side.  It was a lovely day! After the shrine tour, they went for dinner and the mayor of the town spoke, thanking them for being there and for being Japan’s defense. (Marines where on the tour.)  AFter dinner, they watched a couple of plays.  One called Yamata no Orochi. Tale of the 8 headed snake. The play was described around 680AD. The second was called Chigaeshi - “ A battle between a demon and a god and the god eventually convinces the demon to go to Kiyushu and eat rice there.”  “Get off my lawn!” more or less.. :)

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