Rice Planting


June 15 -

We went rice planting.  Most rice in Japan is planted by machine, but some is still planted by hand.  This rice tends to be fuller of flavor and more valuable - 5 kilo of this ‘special’ rice can fetch $30-$60 bucks.  

We had fun and it was a wonderful bright day with a strong breeze, making everything awesome!

Lining up before we go plant riceWalking to the rice fieldsHand planted field - super straight rowsPretty cool ….Our empty fieldLovely valleyThere is a sightseeing train in YamaguchiGetting into the mudBefore wet get into the mud, we use saplings:)March of the neophytesPost planting cleanupUsing the irrigation water to clean up.Pretty valley again - but not our riceThe crowd of us as the train goes byPost lunch duck, duck, goose game!Thanks for coming ceremony!

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