New Cherry Blossoms

Blue sky outside our doorCherry BlossomsKintai Castle Repleat with it’s own blossomsClose upClose upCloser up!SinglesFrom our picnic placeBeautifulLovely skyNiceWalking down the roadView up river as we walk to the bridgeA temple entrance.View of the river and the Kintai bridgeThe sakura are wild...Not a cherry blossom, but a cool flowerClose up.. anyone know this flower?Neil and other taking picturesLanter with blossomsGroup of blossomsBridge and blossomsBridge and blossoms 2Ropeway to the castleTammie walking in blossom shadeIce cream!Looking down riverLovely blossomsCloser to the bridgeA bunch of blossomsLooking down riverA boat and a boy, what does he ponder?A burst of color, Ah spring!Neil cruising alongLady in redBlossomsLovely flower gardenWalking backPath covered in blossoms

April 2, 2014

In Japan, the very short season (about 2-3 weeks) of the Sakura is call for a celebration.  So in the early days of April, Hanami happens.  which literally means ‘flower viewing’. Folks picnic and gather to share in the painfully beautiful cherry blossoms.   Tammie and I took sometime this day to check out the blosssoms.  Let me tell you, pictures don’t do them justice.  People are almost reverent about the blossoms as well.  Lots of pictures were taken. Just between the two of us, we shot 320 pictures. Enjoy!

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