Day 8

From the beach, the path startingVerdant hills..Looking down at the beach...Looking back at the cityYes, you can walk through a farm land with sheepLooking backThe kids!Left is hard, right is easy.. let’s go left!Yikes, falling rocks!ParagliderLooking at the beachLooking down at the beachThe mountain is at the end of a spit of landNot another picture, dadGreat shotShe was having a great day!Another island across the waySteps downNearing the endOn the drive to the airport, we had to stopAnd take some picturesGreen brown water.. fast moving!

Nov. 19th the last day! So, we had some time to kill before our flight and we decided to go check out a hill on the coast.  Why not?!

The hill is 232 meters above sea level ( 760 ft.) You never know until you get there and this place was great! AND, at the base of the mountain was a shower area! So, we hiked, showered and got on the plane to return to Japan. Very cool last day!