Hamada Beach - Western Japan

July 27th - 28th:  We went to Hamada Beach to go camping.  It was hot, but a great time was had by all.  The sand was a fine white brown. Really pretty! The waters were clear and warm-  with tiny fishes too.  The waves were pretty flat, but apparently this is a good cove for surfing.  It was about 2 hours to get there but all highway.  Not too bad.  We were swimming and having fun, so you won’t see alot of pictures from the beach.

The weather on the morning of the 28th started to become pretty grim, so we packed up and left our friends and headed over to a nearby aquarium.  Turns out, pretty awesome.  I have a personal love/hate relationship with aquariums. Love to visit.. wish the tanks were 10 - 100x the size.  But sad to see too.