Fuji-ten trip


March 12

Since spring is coming to the lower altitudes, we thought to head to Fuji-ten one last time this season and have a go. In the last two weeks or so, our area had received several inches of rain. We were trepidations to be sure, about the snow level on Fuji-san. No fear! The rain transmutated into inches of snow on Fuji-san. We left the house in Zushi around 8AM and were on the slopes a bit after 10AM. The day was cold and brisk, but the snow was fast and fun. At the end of the day, we headed to our favorite onsen, wherein we soaked in warm baths for a good couple of hours. We left Fuji -san area right around 8, traffic was light, and we were home very quickly. We had a great time and are glad we went.

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