Yeti ski trip

February 12th

On Feb. 4th weekend, we went to Fuji-ten for a sledding trip. Not to be out done, we returned to the Mt. Fuji area the next weekend to ski and snowboard.

Out first ski resort was Yeti Ski Resort. A perfect place to learn a new ski/board skill and polish up some older skills. The runs are short, but fun!

Tammie tried her, uh, hand at snowboarding and Luke continued with his progress in skiing. Progress my eye, Luke ROCKED and rocketed down the slopes. He was great! This tripped marked Tammie’s first attempt at snowboarding. She did great! For us, it has been a pretty dry and relatively mild winter.

We skied on man-made snow and we liked it! Grumble, grumble... :)

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